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Sip Organic Juice Bar serves a variety of organic, vegan-friendly, gluten-free, nutrient dense, raw foods. We are committed to the highest quality, most local, sustainable ingredients available.
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09 Apr 2014

Deepening Your Detox with Micah McLaughlin

Deepening Your Detox with Micah McLaughlin

      At Sip Organic Juice Bar we believe in serving our communtiy in the best ways possible. We are h...

13 Feb 2014

Our Love Relationship With Food

Our Love Relationship With Food

      We're all having it - an affair with food, it has become a part of our culture. The idea of ce...

15 Jan 2014

Sip Smoothie & Juice Recipes For You!

Sip Smoothie & Juice Recipes For You!

Continuous effort -not strength or intelligence- is the key to unlocking our potential.   -Winston Churchill I e...

03 Dec 2013

Detoxing For Your Health

Detoxing For Your Health

  In today’s fast paced world of convenience we are taking in more toxins than ever,and it’s evident in the number...

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Hi Jennifer!

Thank you so much for offering this!!  I’m so happy Sip is here and close by to my work. 

My experiences were that I was amazed at how much my thought process revolves around food – what am I going to eat next, when am I going to eat next, how come I’m not hungry, why am I more hungry?  Doing this three day detox left me a lot of time to think and really wonder why I think about food so much of the day.  With everything being prepared for me, it leaves so much time in my day.


Physically, most of the time I felt really energized.  I did sleep a lot more.  Part of that was being  worried that if I didn’t go to bed early I would be tempted to eat.  I was very hesitant to work out – I run and do workout DVDs and I didn’t want to do those because I was worried about being hungry the next day.  Instead I did a lot of yoga at home.  Wednesday afternoon into night was the worst time for me out of the whole three days.  I felt very fuzzy headed and was so hungry.  I had a massage scheduled Wednesday night and after that I felt sick, so I went to bed early again and this morning I feel fantastic! 

I think I want to do this again in April to play around more with working out during the detox and now that I know what to expect I will be more mentally prepared.

Thanks so much!

Drew Nine

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